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Mattaku mou - Ranma Kun [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ranma Kun

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Mattaku mou [Dec. 24th, 2004|01:41 pm]
Ranma Kun
Mang, I dunno if I got a laptop now lmao. The package is really light, that I can throw it in the air -_-;; bleh..And my dad asked me today "So you still looking into buying a laptop" either hinting that I got one, or asking if I still want one =P So I dunno.

And I dunno if I'll be in etown for New Years. My parents want me here for New Years, but I don't. I only brought clothes to last 5 days, and I dunno if I can play PS2 for 5 days straight...Even though I got 4 games unfinished. I want to open presents so badly -_-;; I had to resist from peeking inside my "two" presents. Yah, they left all the presents in my room instead of under the tree, so I got to count how much I got. TWO! ^_^ Record..yes. I don't mind really, I like giving em...just not buying em. So much shit I wanna buy. I know what one present is.. Metal Gear Solid 3. But that's cause my brother told me he got it for me =P The other..I dunno.. Could be clothes O_o;; But I don't want clothes. I want my laptop damnit!

What else. Oh ya, today I went to Scotia Bank to setup my account. Took....oh 2 fuking hours. Bleh.. They totally misunderstood my dad and setup a joint account with one account on mine. I wanted two accounts. SO ya..Who did it? Chelsea C's mom did it. Yep. And she fuked up royally. But surprisingly, she was really nice to me. lol. Unlike last time, but she was really nice. My nose was plugged, stuffy and needed a good blowin' at that time..I kept swallowing my own snot..ewwWwww.. But I don't know how to huck a loogey. SOMEONE TEACH ME THIS DISGUSTING HABIT!

MOU! I want mini navi right now! Anyways, Jeremy's being a brat and climbing on my leg. BAH! And now he's touching the board agzg egrgz . JA!