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I don't want to study on a Friday night. - Ranma Kun [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ranma Kun

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I don't want to study on a Friday night. [Nov. 12th, 2005|12:57 am]
Ranma Kun
[Current Mood |thirstythirsty]
[Current Music |Maaya Sakamoto - wakaba]

Procrastinating.. I have been neglecting this livejournal. Sorry. I've meant to write in you more, but the laziness overcomes me, and the moment of writing just passes. I'm surprised it still holds all my entries from 2000.. 6 years coming. It's fun reading back on my entries. They are stupid, I wanna hurt the kid back then for being stupid, but you learn about that stupid kid in psych O_o; Being selfish and "Oh the world is against me". Reading on the entries from past years, I noticed my entries slipping once I moved to Edmonton. Sorry.. I only use you for mp3 groups..

So I guess I should update on my life?

Well.. 2nd year in college? Woot. It's actually going better than last year, I think. Well of course, nobody tries in their first year. Got new fob glasses, some of you probably noticed when you saw me. Overall, I guess my appearance changed. I guess Wade's metrosexuality is finally rubbing off on me, and so my clothes somewhat changed. I'm learning fashion >_< It's sickening. I go clothes shopping.. Jacket shopping, shoe shopping.. Wtf.. I only used to go to the mall to go games shopping or toy shopping. heh.. I still love my toys.. Um..games.. I find another source in obtaining my games >_>. But now it's like..100 dollar shirts, jackets, shoes.. O_o;; I'm an expensive date.

Hmm.. Mayu, my mp3 player is dying. .Which is sad cause she's only less than 3 months old. I should really send her in, but I want a new mp3 player. Something that doesn't die on me in less than 5 hours. Bitch.. But I have no money to replace her. I should start saving money for Xmas shopping now >_<.. I hate this time of year.. exams.. final assignments.. the rush of xmas shopping..figuring out ur xmas list.. I'm figuring I'm gonna have enough for family this year.. Friends..hm.. It's gonna be a toughie.. Especially being jobless now, tomorrow is my last day at my job. I must remember to bring my camera. Actually.. I can honestly say it's been the best job I've had so far.. And that's not a lot of experience.

So, now I'm gonna hafta try to keep myself busy. Since I only have one lass on Tuesday and Thursday, I go and tutor 2 little girls after class on Tuesday. Thursday..basically go home and sleep. *sigh* I'll probably keep myself busy with getting myself in shape again. I haven't gone to karate for a long ass time. I've been taking advantage of going to my apartments gym now. I'm kicking myself in the balls for not doing this all year. But better late than never. Hm.. I'm trying to gain weight.. hah..TRYING.. I guess I'm getting influenced by people not believing me in this? Fuck if I know. Impossible feat, I know, but something's driving me. It started when Amanda hugged me and said I've been getting skinnier. How the fuck can I get more skinny when I'm already skin and bones. She could've been drunk at the time cause it was her birthday, but thanks Amanda. You started it all. No, I'm not being sarcastic. Anyways, I dunno if I'm seeing results. Well cause there's no weighing machine in the gym no more, so I really should invest in one. Which I don't have money for, cause I'm quitting and now going back to resorting to my parents for financial needs. Which is bad, cause I spent their money on Fatal Frame 3 >_>.. But I have been eating more. Like..a lot more.. Meals I haven't been able to finish, I finish and still hungry for more.. No, I'm not just starving, I have my regular meals a day. With protein shakes.. Which reminds me.. I didn't have mine today >_<..fuck.. Too late now, everybody is asleep, and I forgot about it after I went down to work out. Cause after that, I watched Numb3'rs. If you're bored, watch it.. It'll amaze you how he can pull a math equation out of his ass and solve a murder crime. Impressive.

But Numb3rs ain't really my show. It's Rikkie's. True, I was amazed when I watched it, which is why I recomended it to Rikkie, but I only watched it that one time because they didn't have a new episode of House. Ah House.. I admit.. I have a drama show now. A show I turn on the tv for to watch that one hour of House. Fuck off, it's good. I'm actually considering buying season 1/renting it or asking for it on xmas. But knowing Joel, he'll probably rent it, copy it, and then ask for a laptop on christmas.

I really should be studying, seeing how I'll be working tomorrow, but navi always distracts me. This is the time to get things done, only to avoid studying. Like..typing in this journal for example.

Um..what else.. Oh, I'm not moving in December anymore. I think.. Well the news is supposedly, we stay here to summer, and Wade finds a condo, where all of us will move out into. Most likely he wants a 4th roommate. We looking for one, but we've pinpointed kerol down. That'd be weird, but hella cool.

I think I'm getting sick again. It comes to the point when I wake up to my own snoring O_o;; Snoring bad sign, it's like I'm choking on me boogers. Yucky.. And some fucker drank all my juice. and didn't make more. I shall fart on his face while he's still sleeping tomorrow.. Yes..excellent..

Anyways, I guess I won't be retaining anything at this time of night, so I won't study. I guess I"ll go play Fatal Frame.
This was a pointless entry.. But it's about time I make an entry huh..

If you still read this, please.. comment ^_^ I like hearing from you.

[User Picture]From: evilgetyours
2005-11-13 10:15 am (UTC)
I wanna hurt the kid who wrote my old entries also. :)

you know...I can't even remember where you were working :O

I was exaggerating, really (and waaaaaaaay droned). Whenever my family sees a member after a long period of time, much talk is spent on how skinny that person is and how they need to be fed. I think I was mostly just mimicing my grandma. :) I *did* think you seemed a little underfed, but I also thought the floor was trying to eat me in the basement. So...take that as you will.

It's so nice to see you update!
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