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Ranma Kun [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ranma Kun

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Done..and DONE [Nov. 25th, 2004|02:16 am]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music | (As One) - Oriental Express (SST)]

Words: 1500+

Swears per minute: 2 (surprisingly)

Hours slacked: Lets see...24+24+24+24..uh..shiet

Hours of music listened to: 24+24+24+24..

Lack of sleep: I lost 3 hours mang..

Total Pages: 8

Pop intake: none..we got none..I've resorted to alchohol..but we ran out of that after the first 2 days..So I resorted to coffee..but I couldn't mix it well..

Gonna dream about: Cuddling with Keiko *warm smile*

Lesson learned: College is much harder than highschool...-_-;; and leaving essay to last night is bad idea.
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And around and around [Nov. 24th, 2004|04:16 pm]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Michiru Oshima - The Princess' Lonely Harp]

..and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around...

we go @_@;;
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wha..uh..wtf? [Nov. 22nd, 2004|11:53 pm]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Korean Mix - Baby Vox, Diva, Tashannie, Shinhwa, YG Family]

Wtf..Why..why do they need special clothes?? (click)
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BEHOLD!! [Nov. 18th, 2004|10:00 pm]
Ranma Kun
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Uh.. [Nov. 16th, 2004|12:07 am]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Shinhwa - Crazy]

People said I need to update my livejournal..So I did. Now STFU and let me study... *grumbles back into his corner*
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FuN [Sep. 25th, 2004|01:51 pm]
Ranma Kun
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |Do As Infinity - Raven]

Well last night wasn't bad. Thought it'd be a total waste of my time. Well here's how it went =P Walked up the hill (yes, the hill that the bird attacked me on) eating pockey. Just finished eating a combo of Kraft Dinner and leftover sushi from the night before. Num num. So i get to the A-Channel building to meet up with Krista, Justin, and a new guy Steve. Steven's funny. So, I thought we were going to a dance bar. Oi, yay. But we weren't. We were gonna watch Dave's band play at some place called Eco City. Sounds alright..Like some kind of bar. Turned out..Was some grundgy loft type place. lol. We ended up walking down Jasper and into this ghetto part of town with lots of XXX signs and 25cent peep shows! I'm there! So we arrive there, and we pay our 5 dolla. band hasn't started yet, and it was damn as hell hot in there. I felt SO out of place cause I was wearing white, while everyone else has like..Black, you know, heavy metal clothing shiet. Yuh, so then Andrew the chef in the making came. Never seen that kid for a long ass time. His hair's black O_O. First band (solo guy_ played, and hsi music was some tripped out shit =| Like..I need to be high to enjoy or something. But his last guitar solo was awesome. So after him, we left (Andrew, Krista and I) to go get Heather at her busstop. Fuk he crazy driver. Well not really..Just speed racer =P Went to Tim Ho's, and then Second Cup, where Krista introduced me into a frozen hot chocolate drink. DAMn that was good. Met antoher new guy named John? Shawn? I dunno, I couldn't hear =P Then we all went down to the bus stop where we found Heather. Who was scared..of dirty people. or something..Went back to Andrew's car, where they called seats. Damnit. I got stuck in the middle -_-;; I hate the middle. But I got to wear the cowboy hat ^_^.

Uh..Came back to watch Dave's band play. They were like..heavy metal. But they were really really good. We all leaned against the wall while we watched this mosh pit kind of a thing..where people started to..I dunno, can't explain it. I twas like..Moshpit breakdancing or something. Krista and I were amazed. We got hit a couple times but we were amazed lol. Especially when one started stomping, then he did a front flip lol. That was great. Only one girl joined in this thing, and she did like figure skating moves..and she sacked one guy int he crowd. lol best part. =D So after Dave's band, we went back to New City where Andrew and John ditched out and went downstairs to pimp girls. I went to the bar to get a drink and there was a flip chick looking at me ^_^ I admit she was cute. When I ordered my drink, she did too, and the bartender put the glasses together. So I was confused on if he heard me say two drinks, but the other was for her. I was gonna pay for both, but she already gave him the money before I had mine out. BoO. So sat down with Justin. Who still hadn't touched his birthday shots. Although he did take the prairie fire better than I did. Wanted to buy him a drink, but he would only let me buy him a rum and coke. So I did. waste =P all and all, it was a good night. It was fun to hang out with Krista and Heather again. They dubbed my apartment central party place. BOoo. One day they gonna end up watching survivor at my place. I know it =P

Well, I'm off to Wetaskiwin now -_-;; Can't wait for food.
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Another Friendly Reminder [Sep. 24th, 2004|12:05 am]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Endless Love, Endless Road]

As becomes close to 12AM, awhich at that time becomes Friday the 23rd. The deadline of the 30th is coming soon ^-^. If you haven't sent your grad picture in the mail yet, it MAY BE too late. As sometimes mail may take a week to get to its destination. Now you still have a week however. Which means, either express or hand delivery is still acceptable. However email submissions are still not acceptable. Joel has been patient enough to await your grad pictures.

Not to sound mean or anything; SERIOUSLY NOW, if I DO NOT receive your grad picture before October starts, you are CROSSED OFF of my friends list ^_^ DEAD SERIOUS. Shows how much you care for me <(o^-^o)> since I've waited this long.

It's almost the end of the month and Joel has not yet seen a picture in the mail or little has asked for my apartment address, let alone phone number.

Extensions are still being awarded to those who extend this warning out to others such as (Melaney O, Lucas, Steven or Heather). However, extensions will only be given out such that proof is provided that you have indeed informed one of these people about this warning.

Since I'm a nice guy, I've decided to make this easier on your guys. This weekend--> 25th and 26th, I shall be in Wetaskiwin...Awaiting in my humble abode of a home, for your picture. So you can HAND DELIVER it to me or my mailbox and I'll get it THIS WEEKEND. THAT and other stuff you may owe me and I owe you (ie. movies, games, etc). SO if you miss out on this chance, good luck for the last week of September ^_^

Checklist will be posted at the beginning of October ^-^ Again..

P.S...I heard you muffle "asswipe" under your breath =P

Xposted to cars_cost_less
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Gambate ne [Sep. 20th, 2004|07:57 pm]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Janne da Arc - acid breath]

Joel...You're a dumbass. Good luck in the future ^-^
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Omg..a post [Sep. 11th, 2004|02:58 pm]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Gagong Rapper - Homeboy (feat.Donman)]

Yuh, I'm still here.. So what's up with me? Not much. Moved out. Living on my own with my godsister Leah. At first, I thought it'd be awkward, living with a relative that I hardly talked to in years. But it's actually fun. Seeing her and her boyfriend argue is funny. It's cute really. He's funny too, he can speak a bunch of languages, which aren't languages..but like...whitenese or something lol. We call it wadenese. So ya, new room, new city, new school. I like having the freedom to do anything. I hafta cook tho..but leah knows how to cook real stuff =P Which counts. ^_^; Eto..School's alright. I can see it getting hella harder though, which scares me. Also people scare me. But there are some nice people who I talked to. Met Heather from the fort. Wow, been a while since I talked to her. Met James, but I think I met him before. I have no idea. Lots of eyecandy ^_^;; Cmp114 is gonna be great. Making games for the labs and the making a final game for the final project. FUN! Calc is gonna anally rape me though.

Ho hum. Some dick-wad came up to me on the street and asked if I was the 96X fugitive. I wanted to be a dick and say "Yes, and you win a pair of tweezers =D" but no. There's a lot of interesting people I met. I met a bum, a guy who said he forgot his medication in the last town and needs money to buy more, and some hindu guy who got mad at me cause I didn't know where the transit center was. ^_^ fuckers. I love this city. Despite the sirens at night.

Jen took me around the city the first night and showed me some cool places I never been to before. This Movie store that has 5 rows of hentai. =O!!! I'm there. It also has rows of asian movies. Excellent. I need to make a trip into chinatown soon though, to buy some more asian movies. it's close by too. Maybe at least 30 to 45 mins walk. hm..Maybe.

What else. Oh oh!! DISHWASHA!! XD!!! It's so much easier.

I should update the site but I have no time now. Ja ^_^
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Recap [Aug. 22nd, 2004|01:34 am]
Ranma Kun
[Current Music |Two-Mix - Discharge]

Well, week's gone by. Worked all week. Except monday, which Dianne sweetly gave me the day off. So I went to Edmonton with Rikkie and Mike. Awesome day I'd say. First stop was downtown to Rikkie's doctor's appointment. Stopped at Subway because we were an hour early. There was a porn store right beside it, which was convenient. 2 for 1 sale too lol. In Subway Rikkie took the huge ass key to unlock the bathroom while Mike and I ordered. My throat was hurting so I just drank iced tea. Tried to get a good look at the subway girl because she was asian, and her hair was nice, but her hat was pulled over her eyes so I couldn't see her face. :P We argued on who should pimp her but nah. Rikkie complained about this huge ass vein on her neck, and he went into great detail comparing it to a vein on Bain's arm muscle. Oi -_-;;

Went to Rikkie's doctor's appointment. Sat beside lil chinese girl who read out loud in broken english. Throat irratated me. Wanted to scream at lil chinese girl. Thank God she left with her mom soon. After that, Grant MacEwan, where I got help with my schedule. Ended up only being registered for one class. Wanted Japanese, one spot left in damn class, but comp sci seats were already taken. Which is crap. BEcause they only have 3 comp sci seats in fricken japanese class. BooO.

Went to kingsway, tried to trade in comp game but the bastards will only give me 5 dolla for my game. Clerk suggested I put the 5 dolla to a card so i can use it later, but 5 dolla by Joel nuttin in EBGames. So ended up buying Final Fantasy Anthology cause it was only 20 dolla. Then went downstairs and walked behind two asian hotties. Kept thinking "Turn and play ddr! Turn and play ddr!" And they did. They turned and played DDR.. ^_^ So Rikkie, Mike and I went in too, and played Street Fighter vs Marvel which was by the ddr machine so we watched. So hot. Made my day.

Then went to West Ed. Bought two Battle Royale Novels. But skipped the second book, so I'm waiting to buy the second book until I read the third. Damnz, should've went to Comic King first. Had yummy bubble tea from hot asian girl in bubble tea restaurant. Didn't have strawberry -_-;; Uh..what else. Drove to future shop while singing to old eminem songs lol. Crazy white rapper. Stayed in Future shop for a while. Then to taco bell where we met our taco bell girl lol .Fuckers Rikkie and Mike. When I ordered mine, the girl asked "Soft or Hard?" in question to whether I want a soft shell or hard. To that, I immediately heard a muffled giggle, which was Rikkie behind me. Which made me laugh...Which made Mike laugh..Which made the taco bell girl laugh. Bastards lol. had a argument over Rikkie's taco's because it was both hard and soft shell, "best of both worlds" lol. On the way home, sang to William hung songs, but Mike was ready to jump out of the car so I played something else. lol

Eto.. Got an apartment in Edmonton already ^_^;; It's pretty, like a hotel. there's a waterfountain in the lobby. And they have a gym which is free to tenants so that's a plus. Walkings distance from Grant Mac, but I'll have to take a bus in the winter. Eto.. That's about it.. Just worked all week. Tomorrow is McDonald's party!! =O YAY lol
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